Considering buying a 3520


I am close to buying my first dvd recorder, and looking at various sites and forums have it narrowed down to either a BenQ 16xx (can’t remember), a Pioneer 109 or a NEC 3520.

So far the NEc seems most interesting because it’s quite a bit cheaper than the other 2. And I think I prefer the Pioneer over the BenQ. My question is simply, will I be able to get good quality writings with the NEC and Ritek G05 media or maybe Verbatim 8x ?

I won’t be using to burner every day, on a busy month I might end up with 15 burns. But I still want good quality. My friend has a Pioneer 109, and he uses the Ritek G05. Seems to work fine, will I get good results with that media and the 3520?

I’m not too worried about writing speeds, and 12x is perfectly fine. 8x I can live with too as long as I get good quality discs.

also I’m still a bit confused about +r and -r, but seems I should just get which is cheapest?

Hope someone can give me a pointer on what to get.

Thx in advance

Yes to both. Outstanding quality burns can be achieved with both media types at 8x (their rated speed).


Thx alot for the answer, I ordered my 3520 now :slight_smile:

Good choice I have the same drive, and it works perfectly :iagree:

wait for nec 3540… its just out…