Considering buying 52327S

I am thinking of getting the 52327S but read one review which said that the Nero software which came with it didn’t work with Windows 98 SE. Is that so?

If it is compatible with 98SE, is it recommended to uninstall the previous CD Rom drives driver (after taking a back-up of it incase of problems).

Look forward to advice

Thanks in advance


According to Nero that drive has been supported since version Plus, LiteOn would not be so stupid as to bundle software that did not work with the drive!
I see no reason why it wouldn’t work with the drive if the system is configured properly.

Hello and Welcome here Eve,

AFAIK, Nero is compatible with windows 98SE, so you shouldn’t worry to buy it. It’s a great drive :wink:

Concerning uninstallation of previous driver for your cd-rom, Windows should handle all of this correctly. There’s no need to remove anything (you can even keep your CD-ROM drive if you wish). Finally, a backup is not required, but if you are unsure, then go for it.

Hope I answer your questions,