Considering a 3520A. What's the overall opinion?

After a terrible experience with a Lite-On 1673s, I am looking for a new dual layer burner. Considering the 3520A. Any opinions on the overall performance/reliability on this unit? Are there anyone out there with an experience that makes them regret buying the 3520A? Is there another model I should consider? Newbie looking for guidance.

Appreciate all opinions as I mull over my decision. Thanks

I’ve been having poor quality burns with 4x DVD+RW FujiFilm (Ricoh) media with the 3520A. 8x FujiFilm DVD+R’s burn great. I’m trying to find out what drive does the highest quality 4x DVD+RW burns with Ricoh-manufactured media. I’ve tried the Plextor 16x model and it did reasonably well with DVD+RW, but still nowhere near as good as DVD+R burns.

the 3520 is a decent but not great burner. i would wait and see the feedback on the next generation of burners being released over the next few months. if you can’t wait, the two burners that come the closest to the total package ate the benq 1620 and the plextor 716a.

I regret buying the 3520, because now I’m out $XX.XX dollars. Well, I suppose that would apply to any unit. :slight_smile:

Extremely happy. Had an LG 4040b (another good burner), but it is slow, no bitsetting, and does not burn DL. The 3520 has been problem free and I picked it up for a bargain ($55).

One other notation:
The modded hacks from DEE & Liggy come out very often and they make the burner even greater! Faster ripping, Better Burns, Faster Burns with slower media, and Bitsetting. Can’t complain… :smiley:

Brought a 3520 a month ago, did only 20 burns so far, all good.

The review of the new 3530 from the jap site is not good, IMHO. So if u want to buy a NEC, do it now. As i couldn’t find any 3500, so i get the 3520, no regret whatsoever :smiley:

I always want to get a Benq, but its QC is just bad!! Simply, if u don’t want to tweak too much. Go get a NEC. An i can definitely say that if u’ve been to hell with LiteOn, u’ll sure appreciate the NEC :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought my NEC 3520A, after bad exp. with my liteon 832s, I lately scanned disc burner with my liteon, on my NEC, and OUCH, terrible, also scanned DVD from my friend witch were burned on LG 4082B, really poor.

I can confirm tahat NEC 3520A, is a excelent writter, but I often read that it is a poor reader