Consider buying my first Plextor, the 716.. but


I own a nec2510, nec3500, nec1300 and a benq 1620 today.
Im considering to replace my benq1620 with the plextor 716.

There is several reasons for this, its white (my tower is black) and it dont work properly ( 1 of 5 is coasters)

Anyways, my tower is a little small as well, so when i put in the benq1620 drive it dosent fit, so its like 2 cm outside the tower (my RAM is in the way to put it properly in)

Anyways, I read that the 716 is shorter than normal drives? How much shorter?

Im considering the RETAIL package, but its sold as white/black and I read there are some extra stuff you put on to make it black?? How does that work?

And last but not least, I know im asking in a plextor forum, but how are those plextor dvd burners? Are they up to same quality as nec & benq?

Thanks, hope you can help me convince me to buy a plextor, and I like the plextools, If i can do some PI/PO scans with them?

The 716 is approx 3 cm shorter than your BenQ:

Benq 1620: 146 x 42 x 198mm
PX-716A: 146 x 41,3 x 170 mm

Using PlexTools with the 716A you will be able to do several Quality tests, one of them is the PI/PO test. IMO, Plextools is great. :bow:

About quality: two new features of the 716A are called Intelligent Recording Technology and Autostrategy. Plextor says that the burner will be able to get out the best burns possible even from cheaper media (and generally current Plextors does not perform very well with cheap media), but of course there are currently no feedbacks for that ;).

I don’t know about the white/black thing… :confused:



Oh, 3 cm, then it will fit perfect then… Cant wait till I see the first review of it here, then i have to buy it I guess… Thanks for your answer.

This is what it says about the retail black/white

“The Retail package includes: PX-716A (DVD Recorder), E-IDE (ATAPI) cable, Plextor CD/DVD Utility Software (PlexTools Professional), an extra black front bezel, 16-language manual, attractive software from:”

an extra black front bezel?
I dunno what a bezel is, but it looks like i can remove the white and put on black?

Oh, I didn’t know that. Looks like you are right! :slight_smile:


The bezel is the plastic thing that is attached to the drive’s tray. Here’s an image I found on the Plextor Europe website which shows the drive and its black bezel attached:

Looks niiiiiiiiiice,

/me just preordred one… Did also pay for it allready. No turning back now…
Hope the review will be good!