Consequences of Bitsetting to DVD-ROM?



Just a quick newb question.

I know Bitsetting DVD R+ to DVD-ROM when burning to standalone dvd players is wise. But what are the consequences of always doing this.

I’m thinking of when you just burn datadisk intended for PC use.
Does DVD-ROM bitsetting have any performace decreasing or other negative consequences when used for PC DVD-Drives ?

//Thanx in advance




Ok I’ll tale your word for it :smiley:



Take mine too :slight_smile: - I back up my work data daily and am too lazy to keep changing
the bitsetting. No problems with data, Acronis system images or other backups


I’ve never had any problems with a disc I booktyped to DVD-ROM, in my experiences it has made my burned discs more compatible.


I’ll make it Unanimous.


Like everyone else, I’ve never had a problem.


personally, i bitset every disc i burn to dvd-rom, but there’s technically one possible downside to doing so. it might trick your pc dvd drive into reading the disc as fast as a pressed dvd-rom, which is a problem if: a) your pc dvd drive is a poor reader, b) if the burn quality of the disc is low, or c) both. this is only a problem if you’re performing some type of high-speed read operation (such as ripping the contents of the disc) and the drive tries to read the disc too fast, in which case the drive must slow down. the only downside to this is possible performance loss.

conversely, this is an upside for very much the same reason. if your pc dvd drive reads recordable discs more slowly than pressed dvds and it can be tricked into thinking that booktyped dvd+rs are dvd-roms, then bitsetting to dvd-rom would net you a performance increase if the drive can sustain the higher read speed.


i bitset everything to -ROM as well…never a problem on 4 standalones and countless PC drives.


Kinda off topic but not really. Why do PS2 prefere DVD-Rs? A bitset DVD+R should work better sud than a DVD-R cos it wud be seen as a “Pressed” disk.



One more positive result for bitsetting from me. No problems with at least 500 burns. :cool:



No problems with bitsetting - however I use mostly -R’s so it really isn’t much of an issue with me-