Consensus of good DVD rewritable drives for notebook

What are the better dvd rewritable drives to install on a Dell Inspiron notebook. Is there just one a consensus or are several as good as the other, thanks,

NEC’s laptop drives are probably your best bet.

hey rd:
we get dell laptops at work with dvd-rw drives. dells outfits thier laptops with the drive of the week. its either a tsst, sony, or nec. i did test burns on all three b 4 i kept one for myself. i like the nec best. the tsst is total crap. and the sony (aka lite-on was marginal at best).

I bought three high-end notebooks for myself and the kids twelve
months ago…all came with NEC ND-6500A DVD/CD±RW and, so far,
have performed faultlessly.

Thanks to all for your help and responses. There seems to be several drives current from NEC, 6750, 6650, 6500, 6600. Anyone aware of how to track down the differences in these? Thanks again

There are various threads on NEC forum about those notebook DVD writers.

Since it is the first day of the fourth month, I urge you to buy the QSI 082 - premium DVDRW, easily knocking any other drive on the market regarding quality and reliability!

what’s so special about the first day of the fourth month?. What’s the QSI 082? I see you have a benq 1640 as well, so I’ll check Benq, thanks, !