Consecutive buring gives worse quality?

hi, everybody.

I have frequently used my pioneer-A11 these days, and experienced some curious case.

Immediately after power on my computer, first burning give me the best writing quality.
But second burning ordinary quality and after the third buring, writing quality is not good as the first buring.
But the second gave me the best result if I burn it after about 40 min of the first burning

So I removed 5.25" bay over and under the A11 and tested again , but the result was same. (not good result as the first)

Is this normal ? or any other problem ?

I think this is a heating problem…

Seems like a backward SolidBurn technology :bigsmile:

I think it is a heat problem too , check your PSU and air flow inside your case

A good solution to the heat problem is buy a case with a top exhaust fan, as this will get rid of any heat that is normally trapped at the top of the case.