Conneting headphones to ps2




I want to connect my headphones to my Playsation 2. They are wireless headphones. To connect to the PC, I plug the power lead in, and plug the red and white leads into the transmitter, and connect the toehr lead to the PC. To connect the headphones to my stand alone dvd player, I plug the red and white leads into the back of the dvd player, and the other end into the transmitter.

My PS2, has no red and white holes. The way I connect my PS2 to my TV is by plugging one end into the ps2, and the white red and yellow leads into the TV. I assume the Yellow is for picture? So If I take the red and white leads out of the TV will this work? I would try, But I can’t right now. I remember trying once ages ago, and it didn’t work. But I was in a rush so I didn’t check everything

Thanks in advance.


Yeah, just connect the read and white leads together. Shouldn’t be any problems.


It didn’t work. Theres 2 yellow holes, 2 red ones, and 2 white ones in my TV-They go like this

Yellow Red White
Yellow Red White

If I just conect the red and white leads to the top row of holes, I can hear sound coming, But not from the playstation 2, But from whatever is on BBC 1 and BBC 2.

Can anybody help me?