[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DMR-ES15EG-S DVD recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Connections from a time warner HD box, to DMR-ES15 DVD burner to Sony 40" HD tv…
Now all works except when I want to burn something and switch to comp # 2 I get black & white only on the TV… I have check connections all seem ok.
I did try & yes I did burn a program but it was black n white.
So how do I get color to show up on the tv with the DVD burner turned on ???
As of now I have the rca cable connection between Burner & Sony TV. is this the problem do I need another connection to get color ???
Any ideas.

It sounds like you’ve got a bad component cable or they are hooked up wrong. What happens if you take one of your recorded DVDs and play it in another player? You could also try just using the composite output of your ES-15 to your Sony LCD. A bad cable or one going to the wrong input on your TV (when using component) can cause a B&W picture.

I’m assuming that you have a US model DMR-ES15, not the UK “EG” model in your heading.

I agree with Jeff that the likely problem is incorrectly connected component cables (blue, green, red) or a faulty cable set.

Other likely problems may occur when configuring settings related to “Progressive Scan.”

Pay special attention to the settings you have chosen in the TV Screen and other related sections of the SETUP menu. Check your Operating Instructions for an explanation of settings that will be compatible with your TV.