How can I connect a Pansonic DMR-ES15 to my Dell Demision E510. So I can burn back up DVD’s of info. Or can this be done ???
If so what are the connections ???

You have to explain more clear of your system and the components, what do mean by Panasonics DMR-ES15? is it DVD recorder for PC or stand alone or something else?. People have to read clearly of your question in order to be able to provide you with sound answer.

The Panasonic DVD burner is a stand alone unit… was just wondering with all of the rca jacks in the back if there was a way to hook it up to my computer to take info from hard drive to dvd.

AS far as I know no you can’t connect the your stand alone DVR recorder to you PC unless you stand alone comes with HDIM interface connection.

It might be a lot easier to do with a dvd drive in the computer. If you want to hook it up that way though, it depends on what outputs your video card has. thats assuming you are going to be burning video. There are several variations to your computer so I couldn’t find out what it has, but if the video card has an s video out or an rca video out, you should be able to connect that for video. As far as audio, you need and adapter or adapter cable that has 2 rca on one end, that the other will have a mini plug (like a headphone jack). Kind of like this.

This unit doesn’t allow you to record “Data” to a disk from a PC in digital format, unless you can figure out how to stream video through the ilink/firewire connection. The audio will still be via analogue though … no 5.1 audio if that’s what you are thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

As stated above, if your video card allows you output video, then you can record home-movies & etc using it’s standard recording features through the analogue connections.

Also as stated above, it is much easier to install a cheap dvd writer into the PC & work with the video directly on the PC, and burn to a DVDR on the PC, which will provide much better quality results than transferring anything via an analogue connection anyway.

It will also be a hell of alot faster than playing to the standalone recorder & recording everything in “Real-Time”.