Connection probs

hello , hope some can help me ,when my son tries to connect to the internet he get disconnected then message pops up saying microsoft dial-up apdapter not installed or not working propely ,how do i go about re-installing this, he,s using windows me.
cheers iannn.

trying running windows restore about a month back from now. unless you deleted something crucial windows dial-up adapter should be working correctly.

well i am going to do this from memory …but what is your internet provider … just wondering ???

also you using modem or cable modem or dsl ?? it helps to know which …

but think this is what your wanting …either that or another i can put up

Click on the Windows Start button, point to Settings and select Control Panel.
Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.
Select the Windows Setup tab.
Click once on Communications to highlight it.
Click on the Details button
Check the box next to Dial-Up Networking
Click OK
Click OK again.
Click Yes to restart your computer

…that should give dial up network adapter back if iti s one I am thinking u need …

also if it is checked …uncheck it then follow rest of directions and then go back and threw directions after you reboot and then check it again …that should add what i think your needing back …

sorry but what your asking kinda fuzzy on what your really needing …but think that is what your asking

you should be able to reinstall it with your windows cd.