Connection problems with IDTV and Sky box

[qanda]This thread is about the LG 32LG30 - 32" LCD TV. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi folks. I hope someone can give me some help.
I have just bought and IDTV 32" LG6000 the “Scarlett” What I am having problems with is how to connect all my stuff:

The 32LG6000
LG RH177 DVD HD Recorder
Sky box ( not sky+ )

At the moment they are connected as follows:

From AV1 on TV to AV2 Sky
From AV2 on TV to AV1 on DVD Recorder
From AV2 DVD Recorder to AV1 Sky box
And the usual loop thru of the aerial from Sky to DVD REcorder to TV

My problem is that I can record fine from SKy but can’t record from Freeview from the IDTV.

I want to be able to record sky and watch freeview or record freeview and watch sky. That was the whole idea of getting an IDTV in the first place.

Can someone send me a diagram? I might have to call in an engineer to set me up as it is driving me nuts :confused:

remove av2 from tv to recorder, use composite leads from recorder to tv, you should be able veiw recorder by selecting composite input on your 32lg6000, to record from sky to recorder by selecting correct input on recorder and watch freeveiw by selecting idtv on your 32lg6000. This is the setup I have on my system I have a 32lg3000idtv. You cannot record idtv from your 32lg6000 as it is not an outputted signal.