Connection gone wild

This is driving me nuts. Last night I switched from wireless to wired connection. Put in ethernet card, hooked up hard line, ran speed test,
73 ping, 13885 speed. All good. 15 min later 645 ping 2095 speed. 30 minutes later 73 ping 22898 speed (no shit!) . and on and on and on, have
done everything I can think of and speed tested a total of 48 times, and it’s all over the map, from 337 speed (dwnld) to 22898. Have reinstalled card, bought new card, replaced cables, updated all drivers, updated drivers again=P uninstalled and re-installed all drivers…etc. The only thing I can see different is I have a phontom device/hardware in device manager, heading “other devices” with a ?, then one item PCI input device?. I have disabled, deleted, uninstalled it everything. still there. Possible conflict with my card?:a gaahh I cant figure it out. HELP please if you can.

cards installed: 1) Linksys LNE100TX -removed, uninstalled
2) Netgear fa311 still there, working sporatically.

It could simply be your connection (ie: cable or dsl) and not your hardware.

I also think that it might be your connection.

“Been there, done that”. Finally, I managed to check the connection through the webpage of the ISP and it became all clear. Ofc it took me days before it to check/recheck everything.

So, if there is a chance to check your connection through your ISP’ webpage, that would make the picture much more clear.

No, the service is fine, my husband works from home and his office is in the next room, his connection and speed are fine, running around 14000 pretty steady. That was the first thing I checked. haha I always asume its my ISP screwing up and not me:p
TY tho for the input.

PS> I use windows xp system.
charter cable internet 16X upgraded

When you put the ethernet card in did you make sure it was seated properly and also making sure there was no dust in the slot by using a can of compressed air :confused:
it is just my two cents

Yes I did. I also have over the course of the last two days completely uninstalled the card drivers and card, and re-installed it into other slots to be sure the slot itself was not the issue. I am stumped.

Then I’d suspect the cable or the card itself. Both could be checked using another PC. You could also try another switch port.