Connecting TV to laptop


I’m trying to connect my TV to my laptop. I want to play a movie on my laptop and view it on my TV.

At the back of my laptop I have a port which has 15 holes in a D shape, I’m pretty sure it’s for connecting to a normal monitor.
I also have a cable which has 2 identical ends which could both fit into my laptop port. This cable has 14 pins (one is missing on the middle line, 2nd from the left).
My TV has lots of differnt ports which are confusing to me. The only TV port that can fit the cable is a “D-SUB” port.

My question is: How do I get things set up and working? I’m totally new to flat screen TVs and all of the various formats etc. My laptop is connected to the TV, but when I go through the chanels I can’t see my computer screen on my TV screen.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

In your tv switch the input to your D-Sub,it should be in the set-up menu

Thanks for the reply. Which button on the remote would you recommend I try: Menu, TV, PC/HD, Video, Scart?

pc/hd-if that does not work try video-did you get a manual with the tv?Also make sure your lappy is set to output from the D-sub.

I’m going through the manual now :slight_smile:
I’ve followed the section “connecting a PC via VGA cable”. Then I select the source by pushing the “PC/HD” button (my submemu choices are: VGA, DVI, HDMI). I’m not sure what to do next. If I chose VGA a warning comes up “No VGA signal, TV is shutting down”.
Can you tell my how to make sure my laptop is set to output from the D-sub. I’m using Vista Home Premium. Perhaps my laptop is set wrong??

On most laptops with xp press fn-f4 to toggle from laptop to vga output.
Go to control pannel,appearence and themes,change resolution,click on 2 and adjust your settings(check"extend my windows desktop to this monitor)
This is for xp should be similar for vista-sorry do not have a rig with vista running right now.

I think fn-f7 did what you were describing. However, the only think I noticed was my monitor going black until I pressed fn-f7 again. Any more ideas or should I ask the people who sold me the cables/laptop/TV?

Finally I found an option to “extend the desktop onto this monitor” (like you said). I can now see my background wallpaper on the TV, but I can’t see anything else, not even the mouse pointer.

The fn-f4 or f7 do not know what type of laptop you have-means it it using the vga instead of the laptop display-so now you need to get the tv to see it-try your vga input when the laptop screen is black it should be getting a signal.

I press fn-f7 and my laptop screen goes blank. Then I use my TV remote and press the “PC/HD” button until “VGA” comes up. I can now see my laptop background picture on my TV screen…but that’s it! No mouse pointer, no start button, no desktop icons…weird.
I hope I’m following your instructions ok.
Also, thanks for your time and effort :bow:

Ok-where you found"extend this windows desktop to this monitor"there should be other setting that will allow both your tv and laptop to work at the same time.Sorry if I had vista machine running this would be easier.

I briefly got my desktop icons to appear on the TV screen, but then they disappeared. There’s not many options that look relevant, so I’m just playing around with the 2 monitor icons. Vista wants me to “drag the icons to match your monitors”. Any idea what that means?

Wow. I just realised when I move my mouse pointer off the left edge of my laptop screen, it appears from the right hand side of my TV screen.

Yes-you can move icons from the laptop to the tv and it will remember them even if you reboot.Try turning off(unchecking “extend this windows desktop to this monitor” and see what happens)

So you now can see both the tv and the laptop-Great

Finally, I got it working!!!
I now have my laptop screen and TV screen identical. By fluke I tried a small wizard I found. It gave me the option to clone both screens.
Anyway, thanks a million for your help. I’d never have figured it out by myself.
The thing that confused me was Vistas layout. The wizard was located outside of the Control Panel. It’s always in the last place you look :slight_smile:


I just went thru this some time back.
Generally on the right hand bottom corner of your laptop will appear a blue screen icon. Right clicking tis icon will give you some options. Click on the option that says Graphic XXXX. This will then ask you whether u want the reception only on ur Notebook, only Monitor or both Monitor & Notebook. Click on the option u desire.

Then u will not only c the wallpaper but all icons on your desktop!!!

Let me know when u suceed.

Glad I could help and welcome to the forum!There are lots of good people here come back often.Yea I have vista but do not use it,to much trouble with software and drivers for my everyday use.I will wait till service pack 1 to have it on a daily use rig.

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;1900696]Yes-you can move icons from the laptop to the tv and it will remember them even if you reboot.Try turning off(unchecking “extend this windows desktop to this monitor” and see what happens)[/QUOTE]

Yeah this thread is old but I’m having troubles…:frowning:

My screen is toast like smashed toast and all I can see is about 5 inches by 2 in the left top corner… I I unchecked the extend thing and then my tv finds no signal this is frusturating:confused: