Connecting tv to hifi



hi first of all my model number is tx-p37x10b
i was wondeing if i connect my tv into my onkyo cd system, the tv has line out 2 sockets and my hifi has line in 2 sockets? also will the sound play through the tv as well as the hifi?
ps is it just the standard cable i need, ie red/yellow connctions?


Do you mean cinch stereo audio cables?


Usually the color code for stereo cables is red & white.
If you have one red & one yellow as your TV out then red is mono audio & yellow is video.


hi sorry red and white yes, mis print!


Then it should work.Red to red & white to white.
As long as the ones on the tv are Audio out .
The speakers in the tv usually still work also but some do have a disconect made into the jack that disconnects when an audio cable is pluged in.It just depends on your model of TV set.
Make sure the out jacks are not speaker jacks.They’re probably not.
The difference is audio jacks have a low output designed to plug into an amp.
Speaker jacks output is designed to actually work an external speaker like an internal one with the TV sets built in amplifier.