Connecting to my xbox through a wireless router



OK just to let everyone know, I am a web programmer (newbee) and the last time i did any type of networking was with novel and windows 3.1.1 . I am wondering if I can see files on the xbox just using my wireless router. I figure if I have devices all hooked together through the router I should be able to share files. What do you think?


You’ll need to clarify whether you are attempting to see files on your PC’s screen via the Network, coming from the Xbox, or vice versa - the way you wrote it, it could be taken either way.

Xbox or Xbox360?

If it doesn’t have wireless inbuilt, you can buy a proper Wifi Access point and configure it in bridge mode.

I’m not familiar with box/xbox360 software availability, but I’d expect that it would have some sort of UPNP/DLNA software for networked video/music player capability.

Windows Media Player can be configured to share media in it’s library.
You can also download a whole bunch of (free) UPNP media servers which can do it.
Most media servers can easily do MP3’s & avi’s, but if your hardware doesn’t do MKV natively, you might need to setup a mediaserver that will TRANSCODE like ps3mediaserver or Serviio.

Mediaservers (stolen from Wikipedi) :slight_smile: