Connecting sound cable

I have problems making my LiteOn 811S (Pacific Digital) to play sound from DVDs. I am puzzled. I replaced the Samsung CD-ROM in my Dell Poweredge 600sc with the LiteOn 811S (Pacific Digital U-30201-RV1 Mach-8). I connected sound cable to the sound module (on board soundcard - Intel/SoundMAX) in the same way how the Samsung CD-ROM was connected yet I do not hear sound when playing DVDs. Aside from that everything works just fine.

My motherboard is a proprietary version of Intell D875PBZ ( used also in other Dell Percision 360 (

I emailed Pacific Digital support couple days ago and have not heard from them so far. Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix the problem? Thanks in advance.


for playing dolbi digital or other surrounds soundtypes…you need a codec to play those sounds.
Actually you don’t need a cable for sounds to play, because your drive can play it digital through the ide-cable.

you might try to install a AC3 codec…try a google for it