Connecting Sony RDR-HX715

I am interested in getting the Sony RDR-HX715 to replace my last VCR. I already have the Philips HDRW-720/17 and want another HDD recorder with the TV Guide on screen programing. My problem is that I have an old TV that does not have any inputs other than the 75 ohm antenna jack. The Philips WILL work with only the 75 ohm cable, but the information I have gotten from the on-line Sony RDR-HX715 manual say that it won’t work on sets that have no video input. I want to know if I can get by this shortcoming (at least to me) by connecting the output of the machine to a modulator and then connecting the modulator to the antenna input of my TV. I have done this on my stand alone DVD player and it works well. I probably won’t be able to watch another show while recording on this machine because there will be no connection from the recorder’s antenna out since I will be taking the output from the red, white, and yellow connectors on the back of the recorder and feeding them to the modulator. That is not really a problem since I CAN do this with the Philips. I have a 3 position selector that determines whether the Philips HDD, the DVD player or the VCR (soon to be the Sony RDR-HX715) is feeding the 75 ohm antenna input to the TV. Since an antenna input will be feeding the Sony that has a built-in tuner, I would think there would be no problem getting the recorder to record shows off-air and then playing them back through the red, white, and yellow connectors to my modulator.