Connecting PC to XBOX

If i get a ADSL Router with 4 ports, will i be able to connect my XBOX to the Modem/Router via one of the ports and be able to connect to the XBOX via PC, (i know i will have to get the XBOX moded/chipped).
I have a ethernet port in the PC.
Not interested in XBOX live.
Be able to connect the PC to Internet via the modem.
Sorry if this has been asked before ?
Cheers Win

Yes you would.
The XBOX will become part of your network and can be accessed by the PC via FTP once the XBOX is modded.

Thanks for that.


I have another question, if you don’t mind.
I already have a ADSL modem so i am thinking i don’t need another Modem/Router combination.

Instead a 4 port router, switch or hub - I’m not sure what the difference is between them all :o ?

Thanks Win

What’s the brand and typenumber of the modem?

Instead a 4 port router, switch or hub - I’m not sure what the difference is between them all :o ?
Thanks Win

A switch “learns” where the traffic wants to go (mac address to mac address) and will therefore use a much more optimal transfer method. A hub just broadcasts all traffic to all other ports.

Its a Dlink DSL-302G

Thanks Win

You’ll still need a hub or switch. With a 2 computer network (Xbox & PC) there really is no practical difference between the 2. Just get the cheaper. Brands like 3com & dlink are reputable.
I have 3 PCs which are connected via a switch but my adsl modem is connected to my main PC.

Some of them include a hub-functionality. Those DLink does not. :frowning:

So… I have had the XBOX chipped.
Moved the modem to the room with all the network cables & reconnected it to the PC :slight_smile:
It says i can connect the XBOX to Web for browsing, that means i could surf from the lounge rather than my office. thats a good thing.
I am thinking the following will do what i want?

Thank you

Yes, you can hook up the XBOX to any of the LAN ports of that Dlink router. It should work just fine!

Just don’t expect to much of surfing on the xbox! The resolution of a TV isn’t really that great. Most texts will hardly be readable (depends on the screen you use of course) and navigating with just a controller is pretty hard.
There are other good things to do with a hooked up xbox though, so putting it on the lan isn’t a waste of time and money!

Thank You


I got a switch, connected Modem, XBOX, and PC all show connected
xbox shows connected 100/full duplex, and ip subnet
BUT i can’t ftp into it or see it on network

Can you ping it?

With a switch or a hub, by itself, does not provide internet sharing. You would have to use the PC to share the internet and mean you have to leave it on for your XBOX. Most routers allow for internet sharing, meaning you don’t need your PC to be on for the XBOX. Problem is that if you modem is USB only, it will not work with a plain router. So you would have to get combination ADSL modem with built in router.

I have managed to connect the XBOX to the PC (turned off Sygate)
Yes can Ping it also i can FTP into it, the Modem is both USB( i don’t use at all) and ethernet.
so if i have it right, now all i have to do is use the PC to establish a link to the Net then the xbox should be able to connect as well as long as the PC stays on to start the connection?

Thanks All for the help