Connecting PC to home stereo

I’ve just loaded my CD collection onto my PC and want to be able to listen to the content on my home stereo instead of my PC speakers. Is wireless the way to go? My stereo is fairly old and doesn’t accept PC cabling so does anybody know how to do this or where there is a tutorial to explain?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Generally you would use an adapter lead from the PC mobo/soundcard’s (light green) Speakers/Line-out mini-jack to an Aux or Tape-in (L+R Cinch jacks) on your stereo (see example below).

Similarly you can connect a Tape-out on the stereo to the Line-in on the PC and make recordings to your hard disk with suitable software.

These are traditional analog connections. More modern equipment uses digital/optical versions. I haven’t used wireless for this myself. I’m sure you can google some illustrated guides for connecting PC and stereo.

Thanks for the reply.

I think I want to go wireless as I don’t want to fish the cable.

Could someone please offer a suggestion on how to wirelessly connect my PC to my home stereo?

I have a stand alone PC without router, and believe it or not dial-up (I’m in the sticks) I run Windows XP and have an awesome home stereo (If I have to say so myself) and would like to take advantage of both.

There seems to be a dizzying number of wireless alternatives but in researching the various products many of them seem to be glitchy, does anybody have experience with something that works and works well.

I found a product made by Sonos but it required a router and broadband internet so I’m not sure how well that would work.

$$$$ is not really an issue, I want something that will be dependable.

Any help would be appreciated.

Two suggestions:

  1. Use some sort of wireless headphone type technology (Google ‘wireless audio’ for some leads)
  2. Get an iPod and connect it via ‘Sneaker Net’ (walk to the computer with the iPod, connect it, load it, walk to the stereo, connect the iPod, enjoy it…Repeat as often as necessary)

Hi,[QUOTE=rocks911;1936628]$$$$ is not really an issue, I want something that will be dependable.[/QUOTE]Then use the cable solution as decribed by Cressida. Nothing is more reliable. And nothing is cheaper. And nothing has less quality loss, especially since you seem to have high quality stereo equipment.

Basically there are two ways to transmit audio without cables:

[list=1.][li]Network - then you need a wireless network card, some transmitting or server software and a unit connected to your stereo that reencodes the audio stream that was transferred via the wireless network (which is a small computer basically).[/li]

[li]FM transmitters: These are sold as a pair of two units. One is connected to the audio outputs of your soundcard, the other one to the inputs of your stereo. In fact, the cable from above is replaced by a FM radio sender-receiver combination. Apart from the inability of tranmitting the full frequency range, you may also be able to receive the vacuum cleaner of your neighbour or similar :bigsmile:[/li][/list]


Consider BlueTooth Device for you won’t lose sound quality. About 600.00 dollars since money is no problem with you.

Another option would be to buy an old Xbox and replace the HDD in it and turn it into a media center. You can stream music to it via wi-fi, or connect it to your PC with an ethernet cable as well as watch movies and play games. I’m thinking of doing this myself.

Interesting, LOCOENG!

I’m definately going to give this a shot after the holidays as I just bought a new entertainment center that my 200 disc changer won’t fit in. I can put a 500 gig or larger drive in the Xbox I already have and put pretty much all the music I could ever want on it.

Gotta give some more info when you get this done for all of us to see! :slight_smile:

Will do.

All of the wireless options use 2.4 GHz technology, and are troublesome at best. Particularly if you have a 2.4GHz wireless phone in the house.

That said, Radio Shack sells a wireless audio/video link that works fairly well with line-of-sight, but poorly without line-of-sight. Even walking between the 2 units can cause a drop-out. I think the terms “wireless” and “dependable” may be mutually exclusive.