Connecting more dvd drives



i want to connect more dvd drives to my computer, i already have 2 burners, 2 hard drives, a floppy drive, but i dont have any more cables (btw, are the cables connecting all of them all ide cables or wut?)


Your usual options are to go with a firewire or USB enclosure. I built an external 5 bay case that connects with firwire but you can add a single drive at about $30 per case. Read the big external case thread before you do anything because you can easily buy the wrong case depending in what type of drive you want to use.

Using another method , you could add an additional PCI IDE card and add your HDs to this card, freeing up your MB IDE cables for more optical drives. This assumes you have more drive bays. The Promise card is a pretty good brand but it won’t work on all optical drives so plan to use it for your HDs. You could also go to an SATA card but this is more limiting and more expensive as well and offers no additional benefits.


Hey jondaman… As long as you have vacant USB ports open (preferably 2.0) you can add drives. The best place I have found to purchase quality enclosures for cheap is You can get a very nice Plumax enclosure for around $22.00 plus shipping. I have 2 of them and they came to around $28.00 when all was said and done. If you search around, I think you’ll find a good number of Freaks out here that are using the Plumax brand.:cool:



Be aware that there are three basic bridgeboards in most of the cases. The Ali chipset is USB and doesn’t support 16X burning and has problems with some drives. The Oxford 911 is firewire and also doesn’t support 16X burning. The Prolific 3507 is firewire and most people find it supports 16X in most drives with the latest firmware version.

This Plumax:

is supposed to have that Prolific chipset and that is why it is so popular. I have found it in a few other enclosures but it is hit or miss and you generally don’t save anything.


This is the Plumax that I have and works great even at 16X



That is unique. No where in the huge external enclosure thread did they ever mention any USB only enclosure that would support 16X. I wonder how they do that with a 12mbps transfer. I thought that would limit you to 8X or 12X. That is a heck of a deal for $22. You need to post this somewhere conspicuous so others can see. I will probably get one just for the bridgeboard.

Thanks for the additional info.


Hey chas… I did put this out there about 6 or so months ago. But off the top of my head I can’t remember where. I do know that I got several replys from fellow freaks that were using the same enclosure and were very happy with it. I just stumbled upon it by dumb luck. Hey are we some what neighbors. I see Excelsior listed there. Would that be Minnesnowta?

P.S. Read the 12th bullet down on the description of the enclosure. It’s capable of up to 25mb transfer rate.:bigsmile:


MN it is. Small world isn’t it.


Yes it is. We’re in the No Hope, Crystal area.:cool:


I know it well. I lived for a while in Maple Grove, back when it had mostly corn fields and a population of 6000.