Connecting LVW-5005

Getting ready to install my brand spankin’ new LVW-5005 and cannot decide how to make the connections, My desire is to make backups of ald VHS tapes and record new stuff from satellite. I currently have 1 output from the dish running thru the vhs into AV reciever then to tv, and the dish direct to the tv.
My question is should I put the 5005 in the vhs output stream or (and this is my hope) can I connect 2 sources to the 5005 one from dish and one from vcr. this would give me the ability to copy my vhs stuff (temporary anyway) and still get quality input from the dish. Any guidance here would be appreciated. I am sure this is all covered in the manual but I am just not seing it.

My recommendation would be to try connecting the VCR’s Output to the Aux input of your Lite-On and its TV Output to your AV receiver. Unfortunately, depending on the type of VCR you have, it may need to be switched on in order for it to pass through the satellite’s TV picture. Unfortunately, if you have a VCR that shows an OSD such as a tape indicator when a tape is loaded, timer icons, etc. on the TV which cannot be hidden, these will be captured when you try recording from satellite on your Lite-On. The other thing would be to watch out for is if your VCR automatically goes into standby after a certain period of time.

If the VCR does cause issues or affects the picture quality when it passes it though, it is still possible to connect both the VCR and the Satellite receiver up to the Lite-On directly as it has rear and front inputs, which can be individually selected by pressing the ‘Source’ button. :wink: The only drawback here is that you would have AV cables going from the front of the Lite-On, which might look unsightly.

Thank you Sean (where is the key for the a). I will give it a try and let you know the results. That will likely take some time since I am currently working extra hours.

As the VCr is a temporary measure until all the tapes have been transferred I’d go the second route in Sean’s post as it is far simpler.

Also I presume you are aware that if any of those VHS are copy protected you will need to have hack firmware running.

Yeah The Second Option Is Likely The Best Route
I Am A Little Leary Of The Hacks (never Did One) But We Shall See.
Thanks For The Input

Okay, have the sattelite box connected to the 5005 and then to the tv. I am using the composit video connections for now. My concern is does the 5005 only pass a signal thru when it is on. I have not seen anything on this forum (relatively limited searching) regarding this. I had hoped to be able to pass a signal thru without the need to have it on. Otherwise I am going to need to make some alternate connection plan. For now I wish to use this strictly as a recorder and my standard dvd player as the playback unit. The first test recording went well, no hiccups, but itwould be nice to turn it off to watch tv. Any help would be appreciated.

Try advanced search “passthrough” in only in the Lite-On DVD Recorder forum:
Passthrough when off: seems to be model dependent.

Re: Watching Through DVD
When the recorder is off nothing passes through the Scart leads which is why the coaxial connection is necessary as this allows passthrough.

Most Satellite boxes have 2 scart outputs so that you can connect one directly to the TV, if your TV does not have 2 scart sockets you could easily use a Scart 2 in 1 adaptor to give you the extra input (As CCRomeo said). Some are auto-switching, some are manually switched. They are not expensive and just ensure that they are RGB capable and avoid the real cheap ones.

This should solve your problem.