Connecting ID3-TagIt to freedb



I have made a MP3 compilation of two cds and also ripped the audio from 2 dvds.

I want to make tags for this compilation and am using ID3-TagIt.

When I try and get the info from Freedb using Query Freedb

I first click on a filename then Query FreedbI insert the name of the artist and tick the box for artist, then search, I get “No matches found” If I look manually in the Freedb site the info is all there…

My first question is am I doing something wrong.

The followup question might be the answer to the first, is Freedb working as a server database, there is very litlte on the forums.

I apologise if this is a bit vague…

Thanks in advance


If I’m not mistaken, Freedb can only recognize whole, unaltered albums. For indiviual songs you could try WinAmp’s ‘Auto Tag’ powered by Gracenote.