Connecting Google Pad to AV Receiver

I have an older Sharp HDTV with USB Plugs as well as a Yamaha 5.1 Receiver, also with USB Plugs. I have ATT U-Verse for my cable. The cable box plugs into my receiver and a plug from the TV goes into HDMI 1. I also have a DVD Player plugged into HDMI 2. I tried plugging my HDMI Plug from my Google Pad into HDMI 3 then going to HDMI 3 on my receiver to watch videos or HBO Max through the TV. However, all I get is sound and just a picture of the Google Pad’s Desktop screen. At the bottom of the Google Pad, it shows I am connected to the receiver. IS it possible to get both sound and picture? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, ptfitzy