Connecting Equipment

A Sony TV with 2 scart sockets and a Sony VHS with 2 scart sockets a DVD player with 1 scart socket and a Freeview box with 2 scar sockets. I desperately need help with this as I can get everything to work but no playback in Video
This is how I set it up can you please tell me where I’m going wrong, plugged aerial into freeview and scart socket plugged this into back of set, plugged 1 scart into back of video and then into 2nd scart on freeview (marked video) then plugged dvd into 2nd scart on TV, as I say everything is working but I cannot see a picture or and channels coming through the video any help appreciated

Here is the answer:

Good luck.

Thanks for that I eventually got it working

I am glad you succeded.