Connecting DVD player to Bravia TV so that it will work

On another TV I had, when you wanted to use the DVD player, you hit the “input” button on the TV to see the DVD picture. With this DVD player and 32 inch Bravia TV, there is no input button. How do you get it to work???

TV’s vary a little bit on what you use to select the dvd player. On my Samsung, you have to hit Source on the remote control. I suggest looking through the manual for the tv.

Some of the TVs change to the inputs when you go below channel 2. So cycle through the channels either using the remote or the channel up/down buttons on the TV itself.


The button on your tv remote might say input, video or source, they are the same. Check them all to see which is your recorder. As for hookups just remember output from your cable box to input on recorder, then output on recorder to input of your TV, simple. Your output to your tv will have both video [B][I]and[/I][/B] audio outputs to your tv inputs, I don’t think the ES10 has HDMI.
By the way, don’t ever get rid of your Panny ES10 recorder. It is one of the few that can record premium stations like HBO and Pay per view because it was made before video recorders were forced to include copyright protection in there machines by Hollywood.