Connecting DMRES-15 to terrestrial digital

I want to use my DMRES-15 to record terrestrial digital TV via an OTA antenna and realize at best I can only record the station the tuner is tuned to, however my HDTV (Sony Bravia) has built-in digital and analog tuners - NTSC, ATSC and QAM - and apparently no video outputs. Is there any way to set up the DVD recorder?

I don’t have cable or satellite and the reception of analog stations when connected through the DMRES-15 are extremely poor.

I don’t know how much a basic terrestrial digital set-top box costs where you live but here they are sold in supermarkets for £25. Connecting one of those to one of your Panasonic’s AV inputs would seem to be the best option - that’s how I do things anyway.

Yes, a set top box is the only option, other than
buying a new recorder with a digital (ATSC) tuner,
which won’t be on the market in the U.S. before
next month.
In fringe areas a signal booster can sometimes help.

Thanks Chuck44 & SaintBaz, sounds like I’ll be purchasing a set-top box in the near future.

One thing - the STB I use has a On Timer and an
Off Timer, but when it comes on it’s tuned to
the last station it was tuned to. You can’t program it
to startup tuned to a certain station like a VCR or DVR.
That’s one reason I’m looking forward to the new ATSC
recorders being released.
Good luck with the new STB. :slight_smile: