Connecting devices to USB hub

I wonder if I can connect my DVD burner and my external HDD to a USB hub without loss of optimal operation?

I have a laptop with only 2 USB 2.0 ports and am thinking of getting a high speed 4 port hub. Any technical specs that I should look for before buying? :confused:

Because of the sharing of the same USB port, the hub must “divide” the available bandwidth between all connected devices.

Consequently, if all devices connected to the hub are used at the same time, you’ll have a decrease in performance.

If you plan to burn from the external HDD to the external burner, I think that you’ll have a reduction of performance.

In my opinion, to avoid this bottleneck, you should use the internal HDD as source for your burnings. You can use the external HDD as working drive to do ripping and compression, and then copy all files on the internal HDD and then burn with the USB burner.

It’s a rather complicated way, but if you can’t afford a new computer, this is anyway acceptable (ask to my wallet :wink: )

I could put the DVD burner on one USB port and the HDD on the other with my mouse connection. The mouse should not be such a drain on the bandwidth, right?

Yes, normally I have copied to the internal HDD anyway but if wish to save that copy I want to save it to the external drive.

I just wanted to know if a hub would handle either of those devices.

This is a good idea :iagree:

But the connection between the internal HDD and the USB burner is anyway faster than from USB HDD to USB burner. I still suggest to use the internal HDD as source for your burnings :slight_smile: