Connecting computer to Receiver


Hi folks, I have a quick question. I want to connect my computer to my Receiver to listen to music. The Receiver is an old Onkyo. I have Windows 10. What is the best way to do it?
Thanks, ptfitzy


A cable like this should work

If you have an HDMI input you can also use that


OK. I see where the one plug comes from the computer’s speaker. Where do I put the other two into the Receiver? Do they go into the AUX. jack of the receiver?


It would help if you tell us more about your receiver and computer. If the they have digital signal capability then using an optical or coax connection will give you better sound quality.


I have a new Lenovo Desktop. It has 3 small plugs. One green, one red and one blue. I use the Green plug on the computer for the computer speakers.
I have the first 4 channel Onkyo Receive Model TX- SV7M. It is on the internet if you type it in there are sites that have it. I can’t find a photo of the rear.


3.5 mm to RCA cable to either CD, VCR 1 or 2 (play) from the green port on the back of your computer.
3,5 mm to RCA cable to either VCR 1 or 2 (rec) from the blue port on the back of your computer, if want to record with it.

You can also connect your computer to the tape 1 or 2
3.5 mm to RCA cable to tape play. (GREEN PORT ON BACK OF COMPUTER)
3.5 mm to RCA cable to tape rec. (BLUE PORT ON BACK OF COMPUTER)


Definitely a very dated receiver. I use something with HDMI these days. It’s still usable though.


It looks like you will have to use the analog connection already suggested in one of the replies.


So I could just use the Aux. Plug?


Thanks a lot for the help. I have a Yamaha Receiver connected to my TV and cable in another room with HDMI but at my age and my loss of hearing, I wouldn’t notice much difference in sound.
I have a Sharp HD TV. For some reason I can’t get the JVC VCR to go through my speakers via the receiver. It will only go through the TV. The DVD player goes through the receiver. I’ve tried the AUX plug outputs, but it still won’t work. I don’t think you want to get into it. I have a lot of Pre Recorded DVD’s of Classic Rock that I would like to watch.


My Logitech speakers have have a headphone jack on the side of the speaker enclosure. I would use that connection instead of the green connection on the computer. That way you can continue to use your computer speakers and when you want to use your stereo simply plug the 3.5 mm plug into the headphone jack.


Thanks a lot for that info.