Connecting CDRW to Soundcard

I have my DVD connected to my Soundblaster Live Value card. I would like to set up my CDRW (a Plextor 40x CDRW) to the Sound Card as well. There is an open four pin connection just to the left (if facing the card) of the four pin connection that my DVD is plugged in to. There also is a 2 pin connection to the right of the four pin connection that my DVD is plugged in to.

Are any of these useable? Is one a Digital (SPDIF) connection and if not, could you tell me what it is and how I can do this (set up my CDRW to play CD’s or have games sounds work)?

For further information, the CDRW has connectors for Digital Output and for analogue audio output or is able to connect to a MPC audio source. I guess you can see that I am a novice at this. I appreciate any guidance.:confused:

if you play music digitaly you do not need a cable.
the music will go from the processor to the soundcard

I want to have CD’s that I put in my CDRW and games that I play on my CDRW have sound. But I also have a DVD connected to the Soundcard. How do I connect the CDRW?:confused:

did you already try to play games and music…

you do not really need the cable

do you use mediaplayer of windows for playing music??

I don’t use media player and I do not have sound on myCDRW.

I agree with damiandimitri,you don’t need to connect your cd-rw with your soundcard in order to hear hear music in games.It is the soundcard that gives sound to your speakers thru the CPU.

The only thing you get by connecting your cd-rw with your soundcard is sound thru the headphones if you plug them to your cd-rw.

try to install the drivers of your soundcard again and tell us what
you use to listen to music

You should have gotten install instructions with your SoundBlaster card. Have a look at the schematic.

You should have more than one input on the card for CD devices. Just connect the Plextor with an audio cable in exactly the same way that the DVD is connected, using the extra input on the sound card.

You can also use your Plextor to play music digitally with CD text without the audio connection to the sound card if you download and install the Plextor CD Text Player at

Just check the “Play digital” box on the CD Text Player. :wink:

Yes, the game sounds play on the CDRW, it is only CD’s that do not play, but I want them to. I have nothing from my Soundcard as it was pre-installed a while ago and I looked today and sould find nothing about the Card.

Use the left 1,it’s an .aux…the right is the .tad ,that’s a connection for your modem…If you hear no sound when you put in a cd after the connection,open surround mixer to see if auxiliary is enabled…

Thanks, I just ordered the audio cable for 2nd day delivery and will have it up and running in no time.:slight_smile:

What about the digital connection is there any use for it? :confused:

not really…i never saw a cable for that to be honest…
asong as you connect the drive to something in a computer it will go through the cpu…and it is already digital

I will forget about it then. There is a cable (which I saw on an online cable store) and a slot on the CDRW and I think my sound card too but I have no clue as to why or what use. I think using the auxillary audio slot is all I really wanted to know about. So thanks again.:slight_smile:

your welcome