Connecting CD Writers in Duplicator Help

I’m connecting some liteon cd writers in a duplicator case. I have some red and white cables coming from led id lights on the case, where do I connect these to on the writers. I don’t have a hard drive in the case. My options are.

Digital Audio
Analog Audio
Cable Select


Hi and be welcome!

AFAIK, you can’t use these led connectors. I guess they are made for harddrives that come with a socket to connect an external led (not very common btw).

If there’s no connection on the IDE device, this information has to extracted from the IDE channel. This would require some soldering etc… something I guess that isn’t worth it, right?

Agreed. You do not need those connections for Optical Drives.

Thanks for the help. Now up and running.


what kind of case are you using? I’m looking for a duplicator tower case, but am having some troubling finding them.



I got my case from