Connecting case connections to motherboard


I just got a new motherboard and i’m having trouble connecting the cases built in connections to it. (Headphones and microphone)

The case has the following connections:

  1. Mic In
  2. Mic Power
  3. Ground
  4. R Out
  5. Ret R
  6. L Out
  7. Ret L

My motherboard has the following slots:

  1. MIC L
  2. Ground
  3. MIC R
  5. Head Phone R
  6. MIC Detection
  8. No Pin
  9. Head Phone L
  10. Head phone detection

Not much seems to match up…

I tried connecting the ones that make sense like:
4 to 5
6 to 9

to see if I can get the audio working but I cant, even with the “Disable front panel jack detection” setting it checked in my audio manager.

I also tried connecting:
4 to 5
6 to 9
1 to 1
3 to 2
2 to 3
5 to 6
7 to 10

No luck there either, sound from front audio jacks is still dead, anyone have any ideas?

Hi and Welcome!

your motherboard seems to have the newer HiDefinition Audio standard, whereas your case is compliant to AC97. Please check your motherboard manual if there is an diagram for AC97 wiring. Also check your manual if you can change audio operation mode from HiDefinition to AC97 in Bios setup.