Connecting an xbox to a computer then to the net

hi i was just wondering if there is any chance of connecting my xbox either to the pc then to the internet just by using some ethernet leads. The computer and the xbox are connected to a swich, the swich is connected to a router witch is then connected to a modem. the xbox is running evox (dunno what version). anything would be a help plz.

If you connect the XBOX directly to your router, it will be hooked up to the net. What exactly are you trying to do? (ie use your XBOX to surf the net, pick up i-net streams via XBMC, ect.)?

i was wondering if there is any way connecting it through a swich then a router so i can access files of the xbox and play online, also when i go on xbox live it says unable to connect to xbox live do you want to truble shoot the connection i do that and it everything seems to be allright, dont forget that i am using evox cheers!!!

you can’t get on live with a modded system…

ok cheers, how do i connect it to the computer then through the swich?

soz i made mestake i ment connect the xbox to the computer through the swich