Connecting an XBox 360 to my PC

Hi everyone. I’m hoping you can help me figure out how to connect an XBox 360 to my PC. By that I mean I want to connect the console to my PC and be able to play it via my PC’s monitor, speakers, etc.

I know its probably a pain, but honestly my system is better than any TV I have, so I figured it would be best.

So far it seems like a TV tuner card is the way to go. I’ve looked at quite a few and they all seem to only have s-video connections at best. It doesn’t seem like I’d get a very good picture without an HDMI (or at least component) connection.

So, can anyone help me figure out how I would be able to play an XBox through my PC and get the best quality picture/sound possible?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

you can get vga cables that go to the monitor for you

These are the cables that marcus_667 speaks of.

Well, that definitely seems easier than what I was thinking to do, but I’d have to find a DVI version since my GeForce GTX 260 doesnt even have a VGA slot.

So, would the audio cables plug into my subwoofer (with a splitter)?

And if I did connect the console to my PC this way, how would the PC recognize when the XBox was on?

Check and see if your monitor has two inputs. A lot of monitors have dvi and vga inputs. If it doesn’t I imagine you could get a kvm switch if your monitor only has one input. This would allow you to switch between the xbox and the pc. You could also get a dvi to vga cord or an adapter that would allow you to use the cables mentioned above. When it comes to the speakers there are a few ways you could do it. Some cpu speakers come with this adapterthat allows you to use your cpu speakers. If you have surround sound speakers then you could get this one. You might need a y-adapter similar to this one to use both cpu and xbox without disconnecting one or the other.