Connecting a VCR to A TV tuner/capture card

I’ve been copying things from VHS to DVD, movies, tv sows and such- with fair to pretty good results. My TV card (TV Expert 350) has an s-video input, but my expensive Panasonic VCR has no s-video output. I read somewhere that s-video provides a much better picture than a coaxial connection, so I got an s-video cable with an RCA video plug on one end, which I connected to my VCR. Then, I connected the s-video end to the s-video input in my TV Expert 350 card. The audio goes from the VCR’s L/R audio outputs to the input on my Soundblaster Live 24 bit sound card. Anyway, when I connected the s-video, I got sound but a blank screen. I hva e two video display applications, the TV Expert 350 DVD Encoder and Cyberlink’s Power VCR II, either of which I can use to watch TV on my computer or record video (TV/VCR) to my PC. I have set these applications to their proper settings (s-video), but I still get a blank picture. When I disconnect the s-video and reattach the coaxial cable, I get a picture as before. I can’t figure out why the s-video cable won’t give me a picture. Is there something I overlooked or that I am unaware of? Thanks much. Mark.

Must be the setting in the softwares, normally.

I’ve only captured using VirtualDub years ago.