Connecting a DVDr610 to a 23PFL2255D/05



I am trying to connect a DVDr610 DVD recorder to a 23PFL2255D/05 television in order to record Freeview/Digital programmes. I’ve connected it as per the manual (EXT2 SCART), but it tells me it can’t find a signal. Can anybody suggest a way to do this please? Both devices have two SCART sockets, and I can provide more information if needed


Does the TV [B]output[/B] its reception signal on a particular SCART at the back? There may be something in the TV menu to set it so that it does.

Otherwise the DVDR610 won’t have a signal to detect.


Thanks. I had a look through all the menus but couldn’t find any option to do this. I was thinking along the same lines, but it seems there’s no way to do it. Strange, as they must make it possible to record off the TV. I guess I’ll need a freeview box…