Connected CD R&W up and no Boot



I installed windows 98 on this computer with nothing but CD Rom and floppy, I then installed the modem and GeForce drivers. It rebooted several times.
I then set the CD R&W to master and put it on the last connector of the ribbon. I have changed ribbons. When you hit the power button the screen remains blank and the monitor power light stays amber. I have raid diabled on this board and am using only the IDE connectors (hd and cd on IDE 1 and CD R&W 0n IDE 2.
This is a KA_266R with 1333 AMD, 2- 256mb 2700 DDR cas2ram, GE Force 4 Ti 4600.
Please fellows, I have to get this thing going before I can build my 2 systems, this one is for my wifes son.
thank you


Welcome Ancient :wink:

It seems to me that setting the cdrw has nothing to do with your probem, cauze even if there is a connection error concerning your cdrw, the monitor should light up anyways and get an cmos error or something - is you motherboard getting current? do you hear any bips? Anyways …

1.Have you set the jumbers correctly on both cd drives? If i get it correctly you have the cdrom as slave on ide1 and the cdrw as master on ide 2. Previous to that you had the cdrom as master on ide2 right? Maybe you forgot to change the jumpers on this one.

2.Is the cdrw device new? Are you sure it is working correctly? Try to take it out, check the jumper settings on all other devices and reboot without the cdrw … does it boot? Then there’s something wrong with your cdrw device or connection settings … if not then you should focus elsewhere, maybe on your video card (take it out and reinsert it) or the current supplier.

3.Last, some mobos (as mine) seem to get locked or something if you don’t connect the cdr device to the soundcard even if the ide connection is ok

I hope these were of some help … if not just reply (and try to be more specific please…:stuck_out_tongue: )


I had the CD Rom as slave and the harddrive as master on one cable and the CD R&W on a cable by itself, set as master on the end connector. It seems I had two bad ribbons, for I changed it once but when I put a round cable on it worked and the computer booted. I now am a happy camper:) .
I want to thank you so much for the reply and for the good advise. Its people like you that makes this the place it is-thanks. I also want to thank you for the warm welcome. I lost most of my hearing in 1963, so I cant hear beeps, thats why I have these 5.1 Klipsch speakers. They are loud enough for me to hear:D .
thanks again


You are most welcome. Believe me there are much more knowledgable guys than me around here that would be vety happy to help you out, so visit cdfreaks frequently :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you were joking about your hearing though :wink:


No I am afraid my hearing is real bad and my hands are shakey but for being 73 yrs old I am in pretty good shape.
I am just now trying to learn this side so I guess I will be around a lot lurking and asking questions, so I hope to see you around quite often.
thanks again


Welcome aboard, and ask away with the questions


Thanks cloakdoa
Its really nice to feel welcome and that is what makes a place great.