Connect to router using Crossover Cable

I am at university now, and my dad called telling me he has just moved around a load of furniture at home.

He told me he decided to move our communial computer and router downstairs. He found that now the standard network cable wasn’t long enough, and he simply connected the computer to the router using a 10m cable he found with the right connections. Little did he know this was a crossover cable, but strangely enough it worked and he has been connecting to the web with it ever since!

Has anyone else found that crossover cables can do the job of straight through ones?


It’s hardware specific, some hardware don’t care, some does. :wink: Some DSL/cable modems require them.

The router will be auto switching the wires in its circuitry. This simply uses the same cable, but as a straight through.

cool. if my dad didn’t discover this by chance i would have gone out and got a new 10m lead :wink:

Good that you saved some money! Features like this really make up quality products.