Connect to box

Everytime I boot up my machine the ‘Connect to’ box appears, is there any way I can stop this happening, I am running Windows ME.

Thanx in anticipation

Disable all the automatic started programs that want to connect.
Microsoft Agent , Winamp , Kazaa , etc.

If you can’t find the offending program trying to connect simply go to internet options,connections,and click “never dial a connection”.Then put a short cut for your dial up on your desktop or use a freeware program like"netlaunch"which is very easy and works great.

I don’t know how it is in ME but I had that happen to me in 2k. I accidentaly clicked “log on using connection” box in the logon screen. This was before windows loaded. Does the box appear after windows loaded or before?

Box appears after Windows has loaded, now its becomming a pain in the butt, doesn’t appear to be any mention of it in ‘msconfig startup’