Connect desktop to tv wireless?


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I got a desktop with all the requirement to be connect withe the tv (sound and picture). For the last couple of months i have been carrying the computer from my room to the living room, which is a pain in the butt :a . Now i want to know if there is any way i can connect my computer to my tv wirelessly :iagree: . If there is, what would be the cheapest way i can do it.

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let me put it this way, is there anything that can connect 2 vcrs togethers wirelessly.

Are you trying to capture video, or just play your puter on the TV??? If all you’re trying to do is transmit the audio and video from your puter to the TV, there’s a box that does exactly that! It’s made by a company called grandtec, and tiger direct has it. It’s about $150 though, but I think it’s probably worth it. I dunno what you could do about video capture. There are baluns and stuff to extend audio and video signals over cat5 available @ MCM electronics, but that’s expensive, and requires a wire. I dunno if that wireless thing will work both ways or not. :iagree:

I am trying to connect my computer to my tv so i can watch some rm files on the tv and not the comeputer because i have a small screen. About that box were might i find it because it’s kinda of ergent.

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Here’s a link to this doohickey. Seems to be exactly what you want, and it looks like it would be really cool. Link :iagree:

if u got a TV out, u can do it with any AV Sender device … like a 2.4Ghz transmitter, but then how are u gonna make ur KB/MS wireless?

Have a pda and use VNC??

good point … with wireless LAN … sighz if only I HAD A PDA! … I got VNC tho :S

Thankz for the infos, but I have bought something similar to it link but its got all static on me so i got to return it.

Here is one that i found in compusa Wireless Media Player, 802.11g but now sure if it will get all static on me.
This, I have never seen so i dont know if it need any other routers to help.

About the pda and vca, i dont have a pda so theres a problem, but thankz fot the info anyway :iagree:

My brother has that D-Link thingy. It’s pretty cool, and it’s a lot better than hogging up your puter with a second display as the TV. That was going to be my second suggestion, but you beat me to it. I was over at his house last night, and I was playing around with that thing. It’s kind of a PITA though, the stupid thing will update it’s firmware without asking you. Then to use it with the updated firmware, you have to get the updated media server software. If you don’t, it won’t work at all. It took us hours to figure that out, the bastards don’t bother to tell you that when that thing decides to do the firmware update. It can connect directly to the internet, and stream media too. So before you even plug it in, go download the new media server software from D-Link, then plug it in and configure it for the network. After that it should just update the firmware all on it’s own (STUPID IDEA) I can’t beleive they didn’t bother to tell us you need new software! Anyways, after you get it up and running, basically anything in a shared folder on your whole network (not just the puter with the media server software) can be streamed directly to that thing. It’s pretty cool, when he had it over here, he could play music & video off my puter (my 300 gb drive is shared) without installing the server software on my machine! Not to mention porn on the bigscreen is cool!!! :iagree:

BTW: You can catch that thing @ best buy for $150, and if they have any open box, you might be able to haggle with them, and get it for $100! That’s what my brother did, but they thought the remote was missing. It was actually on the shelf next to it, and they just didn’t see it. My brother didn’t say anything, but they slapped the $100 price tag on it anyways. then the other dude handed us the remote, and we went up front to pay for it. It was pretty cool, got out of there with that thing for $100 with the remote! It’s useless without the remote though, but my brother has a universal that will control it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t get staticy on you, but if you get too far away from the access point or router, it will make the picture on video files skip, and the audio will make glitch sounds. If a wireless network card in a laptop won’t make it, don’t even try it with that. You can plug a network cable into it, and that’s how we had it hooked up here. That’s the way I’d do it anyways, wireless SUX. My brother is using the wireless part of it, but it’s literally about 2 feet away from the router (other side of the wall)! Once you get about 100 feet away, or if there’s a bunch of walls in the way, it starts to puke. You can get high gain antennas though, and it will work a lot better. I dunno, I’d just run some cat5 to it, and call it good. :iagree:

i went to the best buy site but the price was the same Link . Is there some other place that I can get it for cheaper cuz i dont wanta spend that much :iagree: .

Try Radio Shack?

You gotta catch a sale @ best buy. If it’s not on sale, it will be $200! It goes down to $150 every so often though, and that’s what it was marked when my brother got his. If ABC warehouse has it, you might be able to haggle with them to drop the price. If not, then you’ll have to wait until it goes on sale somewhere. I see that thing all the time for $150, you just picked the wrong time to buy it. Look at every major electronics place you can think of, and I’m sure one of them will have a sale on it. I dunno, you might have to wait if you wanna save $50. :rolleyes:

I try radio shack and i got one of them transmitters but it got all static on me so radio shack is out of the picture.

Can you tell E-mail me when u see it a best buy for $150. My E-mail is and once again thanks alot.

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Might I suggest removing your e-mail address from your post??? That’s like asking for HORDS of spam. If I were you, I’d suggest not doing that in the future, and you’ll probably end up abandoning that e-mail because of spam. Anyways I dunno where you live, but I think there might be another open box markdown D-Link thingy. If so, I might be able to haggle with them and get a few $$$ off. If you’re in michigan, that might be worth while. If not, you’ll have to hunt for a deal. I’s just visit some of the bigger retailers, maybe they have a deal on one open box. If I do happen to spot that thing on sale, I’d be happy to let you know. I have a friend that works @ ABC warehouse, maybe I can get him to give me a really good deal, if they have it. I dunno, just a thought. :iagree:

Thankz for the spam info so how i edit my post to get rid of it?

I live in San Francisco so if you happen to see it at Bestbuy for 150 let me know. Thankz a lot.

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Both Newegg, and ZipZoomFly have it for $160, and it’s free shipping from ZipZoomFly! I like them a little better than Newegg, but unfortunately, they both charge sales tax because you live in california!!! :doh: Newegg is 7.25% for residents outside LA county, 8.25% inside, and ZipZoomFly is flat 8.25%!!! :a That truly SUX ARSE, but the free shipping kinda makes up for it with ZipZoomFly. So, if you think $173.20 is good, go ahead and order it. That’s the same price you’d pay for it in a store in LA, so I think it’s a good deal. One thing I think is an absolute PITA is that it can’t play files over 2gb! So if you’ve got any MPEG2 files that big, you have to split them. Or convert them to AVI, I think DVD shrink will split things up into 1gb chunks though. We’ve only run into that problem once, but it still sux, and is a STUPID lame arse flaw in it’s design. Here’s a nice linky , so enjoy!!!

Unfortunately you can’t edit posts after so long, so I dunno what to tell you about the e-mail. Maybe bug a mod to delete it for you, I guess live and learn. :doh:

I think I will wait for best buy to be on sale because I am kindaon a tight budget :sad: . I haven’t even got the router yet. So it would be great if u can tell me if best buy have it on sale :bow: . Once again thankz for all the info you have given me its been a lot of help :clap: .

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I was going over some ads form office max and I saw this router and I was wondering if it would be good for the wireless media player. Thankz for the time.

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A different subject, USB HDTV seems to be popular now, costs about US$100. DMB TV units also cost about US$100 but available only for LG notebooks so far.