As far as I know these CONNECT COMPUTERS Lightscribe Internal IDE DL DVD+/-RW Drive Product Number: 340022 ; might carry the Benq 1655. Hope someone can confirm it for me.

Auction listings are “sold as is”, 21 Day DOA Warranty.


There are also other goodies listed on the site like a 30" apple cinema.

30" apple

CompUSA got a plan to come back to business.

Sigh. I wish I had found these before. I can honestly say that I would have kept them to myself. Now the price will be driven up beyond what the drives are worth. Sigh.

The best part about them is that they are retail drives not OEM. I bought one at Compusa for 39.99 on sale about 6 months ago.:iagree: The picture in the ad shows an OEM but the Connect I bought had the Retail Drive in it and it said on the front of the box “Retail Drives at Discount Prices”

Yes, but these are used drives, so you don’t know if they’re going to include everything, or what their actual condition is.

The brand new one I got last summer for 69 was indeed a full retail black BenQ 1655, had screws, software, 1 year warranty, the whole enchilada. My first one got the dreaded tray problem but still worked ok anyways so I got this one while I still could.
I’d say almost a sure bet to get a 1655 in those boxes for those who still want one.

You are right, probably drives that were returned by Customers for one reason or another.:wink:

They did close a ton of stores so could be unsold leftovers, returns, etc. They closed all the very close to me stores so I no longer shop there now anyways. If they leave the box alone with all the goodies you’ll get a BenQ warranty card in the box but hard to say what might be with them at this point, probably bare drives now. If I won one I’d see if the warranty is able to be registered if it comes with the card. Of course chances of getting a new 1655 for a dead one are about nil,

Hopefully, the only reason is because they didn’t know how to cross-flash. :bigsmile:

They don’t need crossflashing, has retail face plate with rectanguler eject button, sayd BENQ on the tray and has retail firmware listed on the drive stickers, which mine did have, though I think it was one version out of date.

Yup I believe you’re right, good chance it will be a BenQ, just hope someone who bought it and returned it didn’t do a pick-n-roll. But I had a friend that worked at the return department at Compusa, and she said she had to meticulously check the serial codes or model numbers even before her manager could approve the return. So hoping thats the case, for these drives. There is a 21 DOA warranty as well. As I remember correctly, they sold a few last month and the ending bids were all under $30.

Yes, Sears wanted to buy Compusa, but Compusa refused to fold. Working on their master plan to come back.

Now I know you guys will bid like crazy
when you guys said retail drive, do you guys mean that you will get the drive with the faceplate that has the word [B]BenQ[/B] on it??

I like that 30" Apple screen, but it is kinda obsolete, not 92% color gamut.

I got an OEM faceplate when I bought on of these last Dec., but it did come with a BenQ warranty card.

The " Connect " drives that have the Retail drives in the box say on the front of the box " Retail Drives at Discount prices" Yes, these have the BenQ on the facepate. I bought one on sale at CompUSA for 39.99 on sale awhile back.

As I predicted, the price on these is being slowly driven up beyond what they are worth. If they were new it would be one thing, but when you include shipping, you might as well just wait for a 203B to go on sale with free shipping at NewEgg.

How much did the first one end? curious

get a load of


2 hours left and noone bought it. I bet noone does either.:bigsmile:

Whatever. :rolleyes:

Yes, and then shipping adds another $7.50. Now you’re talking about a used drive in unknown condition for $32-$33. No thanks. :disagree: