"CONNECT" Company branded DVD drives

Has anyone heard of or know about the CONNECT company brand of drives. There are some listed on EBAY as BenQ’s. Thanks for any help!

Google is our friend if we find the right search terms!!! I have the feeling they are the CompUSA re-branded Connect Computer drives.

I purchased a “Connect” Lightscribe burner from Comp USA for $8.00 with a rebate. These are BenQ DW 1655. They even are labeled as such on the drive itself, so it was flashed with BCDB. I flashed it to BCHB in order to use Media Code Speed Edit as well as Q Suite 2.1.

The Connect Branded drives from CompUSA can be anything. They can be BenQ, Liteon or any other OEM drive. They are exactly like the I/O Magic Drives, you do not know whats in the box until you open it and look at the drive.:iagree: