Connect comcast hd box and VCR/DVD to HDTV

How do I hook up my toshiba dvd/vcr with samsung plasma tv and comcast hd box? Here is the backpanel of the comcast hd box except it is not a dvr I have a toshiba Toshiba D-KVR20ku dvd/vcr recorder and a samsung plasma pn42a450p1d. I have hd picture, can view dvds and vhs tapes. I can record picture but get no sound.

How have you routed the sound to the recorder?

I see a DVI connection on your box, so you need to hook up audio cables. I’d suggest the optical (toslink). Does your dvd/vcr have HDMI connector or just supervideo? If HDMI, you might need a switcher box (try for a reasonably priced one) to connect both the cable box & dvd, unless of course your TV has 2 HDMI inputs or an HDMI and DVI.

I went from bottom red and white out of hd cable box to vcr/dvd in. From vcr/dvd out to the componet 1 of the tv. I the went from dvd red and white out to the composite on the tv. I can record with sound on the DVD side. I may need to switch the red and whites to get the vcr to record with sound.

Your cable box is outdated so I would suggest you contact Comcast on Monday and ask for a new HD box with HDMI output. You shouldn’t be charged anything not even monthly. Your HDTV has 3 HDMI input (2 in the back and 1 on the side), HDMI will give you the best quality.

If you record a lot, it might be worth to upgrade to HD DVR for an additional $3-4 a month, or ask if Comcast have special promotion in you area (free upgrade). I don’t know if Comcast bundle an HDMI cable but if not you can get them for cheap here, $6.99 a cable or $8.99 for two with free shipping: This special deal doesn’t run everyday so get it while it’s available.

I can’t find the specs (input-output connectors) for your Toshiba DVD/VCR so I can’t comment on the best settings.

I have Comcast with the HD box/DVR and it is just a few dollars for the upgrade. I definitely recommend it. If you have 3 HDMI inputs on your TV as Zevia says, you are all set. Go to for good quality, cheap HDMI cables (or HDMI to DVI and an optical cable if you keep your present box) and (I’m guessing) composite cables for your DVD/VCR. Though, I gave my VCR away when I got an upconverting DVD player, I couldn’t stand watching VHS anymore after seeing a good upconverted DVD. They’re pretty cheap these days. That’s my recommendation, or buy a bluray player, they upconvert regular DVDs very nicely. You can then get away with just 2 HDMI cables and eliminate all the other rca cables etc.

I’m a newbie, and I hope I’m doing this right. I found this thread because it’s similar to my situation. I need help figuring out the best connections between a Comcast (non-DVR) HD box: Motorola DCT5100, which has only DVI or component cable jacks, and a Panasonic Plasma TV (VieraTC-50S1) with three HDMI slots. Comcast provided component cables. The DVR upgrade is too expensive so I’ll probably have to stick with this box. I also ordered a Panasonic Home Theater System (HD56) with a Blue-ray player (BD60K). And I ordered 2 hdmi cables. Should I use the component cables between the TV and the DCT5100, or would i be significantly better off to get a DVI-HDMI cable? The Comcast web site is even more lame than their user guide and doesn’t show any HDMI slots on any equipment. So please tell me the correct sequence. Coax into the box first, and then what? Thanks in advance for your patience with my ineptitude.