Connect 15 Pin Monitor Plug to Video Cable for Camera?

Hey Guys,

I am getting some home surveillance set up. I have a small computer monitor that I would like to use but am not sure if I can connect the camera to it which is made to be hooked into the back of a VCR, so it has a standard video plug which I think it is called a RCA cable.
I hope you can understand what I mean. I was thinking that maybe I could pull apart the monitor cable and get out the video signal cable or sumthing??? :confused: I really dont know. Here is the pins and what they are used for:
Could I hook up the camera cable to the first, second or third (video) cables??
Your help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Nathan

My gut feeling is it won’t work, but any electronics
technicians are welcome to correct my if I’m wrong.
Why not simply hook up the camera to a recorder
(either VCR or DVR) then output from the recorder
to a TV?
You’d have the added benefit of being able
to record what the camera sees…

Ok. Its just that I have a spare monitor which would mean I could have the camera on constantly rather than turning on the tv every time I want to see it. I have got it hooked into the tv now though.
Thank you for your help.