Connect 1 set of speakers to 2 computers?



I’ve got a couple of computers sitting side by side next to my desk. I have them connected to a single monitor, keyboard and mouse with KVM switch.

But I’ve got two sets of powered speakers cluttering up my desk with their wires and power supplies, because it’s two much trouble to have to get down on the floor behind the computer cases and swap the speaker mini-plug from computer to computer.

Is there a low priced switch for computer speakers, with jacks for mini plugs, that works like a KVM switch?


Try finding a y adaptor with 2 male and one female. You can use google to find online sellers but if you have a local electronics store like The Source or Radio Shack you could get it there. Here is a link so you know what to look for Also you will need to find one that has a few feet of wire or enough length so it will reach both computers as well


Are you sure that would work?

I’m concerned that running the current from both sound cards into a Y adapter might cause damage to one or both sound cards because the current from one sound card might be fed back into the other and vice versa.

Is that fear groundless?


Well not sure about that but you could always ask that question at a computer store or electronics store or someone else on the forum may know as I never had the need to do that. I will be going to ncix tomorrow for something for my computer and can ask them that and let you know

Here is a link below about a KVM Switch that you mentioned as well. You can use it on up to 4 computers and seems to be pretty good but is rather expensive and not sure where it available for you to purchase other than the link I posted that found when I did a search for KVM switch


KVM switches that handle monitor,keyboard, mouse and speakers are at places like Fry’s stores.


Sorry forgot to ask about this but a KVM switch would be the way to go if you not want to accidentally fry the sound card


Thanks, guys!

I forgot to mention that I’m disabled and scraping by on a very small Social Security disability pension, so price is a big factor. I already have a hand-me-down powered KVM switch, albeit, and old one that has no USB or Audio ports. It works fine for me though, since my old mouse and keyboard have PS/2 connectors.

My first searches for a speaker switch didn’t get any hits, but since reading your replies, I added “share” and “audio” to my search string a got lots of hits. For example:


For me, $25 + shipping is a lot to pay, but since I got the speakers free as hand-me-downs, I might be able to talk myself into “splurging” on this toy.

Thanks again for the suggestions!


According to the reviews here: a simple ‘Y’ connection seems to work. Most audio outputs are capacitively coupled and therefore wouldn’t pass any meaningful voltage back in anyway.

PS: You might actually want a 667 and a 664 from this page


Thanks, guys, for those suggestions!

I’m still a little wary of the “Y” connector solution.

I had an idea last night that should do the trick. Definitely low tech: I’ll start shopping around for a couple of cheap six foot headphone extension cords. I could plug the male ends into the sound cards and keep the female ends up on on my desk tied with a twist tie to the cord with the speaker plug. Then when I need to switch computers, I could just pull the speaker plug from one female connector and plug it into the other. Voila! Instant switching with no cross computer voltage feedback.

Not the most elegant solution, but the total investment would be under five bucks and one trip to the floor on my hands and knees to plug the little suckers in the first time.

I think I’ll head down to the dollar store right now to see if they have any of those cords in stock today.