Congresswoman: Owners of seized domains should sue US gov



Congresswoman: Owners of seized domains should sue US gov.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency’s “Operation in Our Sites” actions which have seized and attempted to shut down tens of thousands of Internet domains throughout the past year are out of line and an abuse of due process, says California Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.

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In a way, it’s unfortunate that some members of the house are falling back to recommending the unfairly shut down sites try taking their concerns to the courts. Lofgren says that most of her colleagues simply are unaware of the problem but it’s more likely that most of the House actually backs the HS and ICE in their actions and consider that they are not overstepping the bounds of the law or their mandate. (time to check everyone’s history of campaign contributions, y’ all.)

The 84,000 might become a watchword for governmental abuse if they can find the resources and get some real notoriety in court. Even if they don’t win it would bring the problem to more people’s attention.

Was there a suggestion for an open and distributed DNS service recently? Gotta look into that. Harder for someone to take over a particular domain if the Domain Name Service isn’t located in a particular small set of servers.


So, basically, when Morton says:

“We can seize and forfeit them just like we seize and forfeit bank accounts, houses and vehicles that are used in other crimes,” he said. “Any instrument of a crime is subject to our jurisdiction in terms of seizure and forfeit.”

…he’s actually saying that he/they don’t have to be right, or be careful, because there are no consequences should they make mistakes? What else is he implying by that statement except he has unlimited power - and his innocent victims don’t!

It might require a law suit to get the Government to put a leash on Mr. Morton and his group? Sad to say, but it is usually only when a dog bites a person willing to sue that anyone cares to check his dog tags.