Congressman's anti-piracy bill attacked - Uninstall the firewall

I just posted the article Congressman’s anti-piracy bill attacked - Uninstall the firewall.

The US entertaiment industry, and the entertaiment industry in the whole world sees piracy as a problem. Also the US congress has found out about this and several congress man have tried to find…

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Dear Howard, Do you believe in Tit for Tat? P.S. Howard, Check with the Webmaster at the RIAA site and you will find that the RIAA had a much gentler,reversal approach towards piracy a few weeks ago.

Stop piracy??!!?? Why would you want to do that?? Geez, you might as well make us go back to 9600 baud. Sheesh, stupid politics.

Whoever attacked Berman’s anti-piracy bill I glorify! Berman’s anti-piracy bill can go to hell!

I’m guessing this twat has about as much computer savvy as my mutt.Letting the entertainment industry define its own defence policy is like letting a bad cop apply his own definition of legal force. Isn’t democracy “for the people by the people”. Time to again remind these politicians they are after all SERVANTS !!!..:7

no democracy is two foxes and a rabbit deciding whats for diner :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously why would i now uninstall my firewall? its not there cos the entertainment industry is trying to ‘hack’ me

I think perhaps he meant it sarcastically or rhetorically, but I’ve been wrong before.

If this is aimed at the single user rather than big time pirates who are in it for money only then stuff them. No person, group, organisation, business or whatever has ANY right to hack someone elses system and giving those rights to someone surely can be proven illegal. What these crackerjacks want is a free reign to do what the hell they like to stop piracy. I doubt they’ll get it though. Too many cries from Joe Public and it’s scuppered. But if we all say nowt then - who knows? :frowning:

Let them do what they wnat to do, but remember this, they are already out numbered against the underground world. Expect Counter attacks! :frowning: