Congress plans DMCA sequel: The SSSCA



I just posted the article Congress plans DMCA sequel: The SSSCA.

flyboy used our newssubmit to tell us that the US Congress has planned another Act.

The SSSCA says that it is illegal to create, sell or distribute "any interactive digital device that does…

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Thank God i’m not a US Citizen, and if i were i would pack my bags and leave ASAP. And NO, it’s not some Anti USA thing, and americans are great peace loving people, but there is just too many restrictions in the land of (freedom).


I seriously doubt that this will pass, if it even comes to a vote. If it ever does come to a vote I’m sure that enough people will write their congressman/woman to voice their opposition making any vote in favor political suicide. I know I will :slight_smile:


…then how did the original get through? These are outrageous acts which restrict individuals freedoms. This stuff is clearly being dragged through congress without any of the congrssmen/women knowing anything abour what they are signing. This means (if passed) that every media has to be installed with ONE company’s protection - what kind of competition encouragement is that? Doesn’t your daft constitution cover this? In reality of course no hardware manufacturer in the world will ship its products with this protection on - their sales would fall through the floor! Anyway - I’m glad to be from the UK :slight_smile:


This just seems the most incredibly intrusive restrictive and unworkable idea for a piece of legislation, how did someone manage to come up with something so absurd? Thank god I don’t live in the US where wackos come up with this type of idea and think about trying to get it made law…


You people actually think that congress is passing this to better the country? Its called dollars and the music industry and many other industries have tons of it and mysteriously it ends up in the pockets of congress people and then these bills, which those industries would love to be created and enacted, suddenly become law. Call me a conspiracy theorist or what you will, but this is the truth - the US gov’t is the best gov’t you can buy :r


And continuing on my rant, go to this article on ZDNet (,4586,2808422,00.html?chkpt=zdhpnews01) and read how senators slam down game mods saying ‘mod makers are the moral equivalent of teenage pornographers’ - now the media jumps in behind them: boom most of the attention of US voters is behind bullshit like this and this SSSCA passes with little attention since the most of the people who actually care about this subject either are not from the US or underage and thus cannot vote, leaving the rest of us with such a small number of people that senators pay no attention to us. Since the attention of the masses is held, shit like this can go on behind the scenes and pass…so the next time some big controversy comes to the light, some other ridiculus bill will try to pass behind the scenes :r


Once again stating another comment, I ask the CD Freaks staff to please start an online petition against this law since it is in draft stage and this petition would not be flaming, but rather show the down sides of the SSSCA in a nice written letter in which we can all sign - we need to actually do something to stop this instead of complaining about it in Replies and the Forum - time to step up and stand for ourselves. Even though a lot of people are out of the US, I would ask you also sign this petition (if it comes to light) to show that not only US citizens dislike this unfair law, but also the the rest of the world as I would hope it would have more of an impact.


I hate this fucking country… See what happens when you vote… Someone else gets all the money! :c


Yeah, I am a noob here and I agree with Fish. I have been reading the site for some time, but never felt the need to comment, until now. Hello… FAIR USE. The SSSCA is complete BS. Correct me if I wrong here, but aren’t these (DMCA and SSSCA) laws slightly incompatible with each other?


Lucky me that I’m not a US citizen. Nevertheless this is a dangerous act and has to be stopped. Dont even want to think that this example could be a model for many other states. Gimme the poll and you have one signature more. One has to consider that this protection shit not only is about money but also restricts personal freedom and democracy!! Who has to say whats going on…a few people on the top.


Ok this is not right. This will not keep people from using devices that dont have any security they will just use the devices that already exist. There just will not be any new ones made for production. And what about devices made in other countries ? Does the EU have anyyhing close to this or have planed?


The definition of “any interactive digital device” also applies to pocket calculators and digital wrist watches. Okay, these devices can usually not been used for illegal copying (ensured by their design), but this is not sufficient - they reqiure “certified security technologies”. LOL. ROFL. Again, just a law which can be applied to about everything if someone in the industry thinks that they don’t earn enough. “Hey, no need for caring about the customer, we’ll just produce crap and the customer is required by law to give us money for it.” Cool.


Wow all this, 2 days before 9-11… more changes, the more it stays the same…