Congress caves on sopa legislation



Good news !
Congress put the vote on sopa,and the other anti-piracey
legislation on hold indefinetley. While I personally don;t like
piracey. I don’t think that HOLLYWOOD or any other
corporations should have the power to shutdown google,
youtube,yahoo or any other web sites.


Obama had to keep the campaign cash flowing from Hollywood so he sent the Justice Department and the FBI after Megaupload. Maybe I missed it but I haven’t seen any threads here about the shutdown of Megaupload.


Your right,but some HACKERS that support MEGAUPLOAD
Shut down some congressional web-sites,and the justice dept
web-site.So they got a taste of their own medicine.:frowning:


Anyone that thinks the shelving of SOPA and PIPA on the same day they do the brown shirt raid on Megaupload is just coincidence call me. I have a good deal for you to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Think about this for a minute. They claimed that SOPA and PIPA needed passed so they could stop online piracy. Then the FBI goes all the way to New Zealand to arrest some Europeans for committing online piracy. It looks to me like they have plenty of laws already on the books to make those arrests half way around the world. More proof that we are being fed a line of BS once again.


You may have a point,but HOLLYWOOD,and their cronies are
always going to complain . While they do have a right to protect
their products. They tend to go overboard on who’s a pirate
and,who’s not.


Their right to protect their profits ends where they fail to protect my constitutional rights.