Congress approves Family Movie Act to allow DVD censorship

I just posted the article Congress approves Family Movie Act to allow DVD censorship.

 When a parent goes out to get a DVD marked  "Parental Guidance" for their children to watch, they would need to watch the  disc first to know which scenes to skip for their children.  An...
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finally we can let the TV do the parenting without worrying that our little ones might see a frame of smut! ----- They logged the only explanation left This species has amused itself to death

i can see it just in front of me… watching “porkies” and only the titlescreen end the end credits appears… don’t censor movies, the world doesn’t collaps when your kid see’s a littkle titty or what ever. just don’t let them see movies like dirty harry

Ah yes, can’t let the young’uns watch that sex and violence on DVD…let them get their fill of that on the news, the street, at school and just about anywhere else. This is great for parents who let the TV babysit. What ever happened to informed and proper parenting?..:X

What an unmitigated CROCK. “Let’s have the guvvies step in to try and do the job of lazy parents and by doing so force a technology and the cost of that technology on people who actually DO manage to do their jobs as parents”. I argued against this before (I remember the self-righteous indignation that resulted) and it would appear that the politically correct 90-year-old-professional-virgins of this world who are bereft of two braincells to rub together have managed to score yet another triumph in the war against common sense. BRAVO FOR THE CHAMPIONS OF MINDLESS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!! BRAVO FOR THE CHAMPIONS OF IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTING!! Well DONE, one and ALL - you can hold your heads HIGH and be PROUD!! All at the expense of others, of course. How utterly moronic. I can just see all the half-baked moralistic politically correct justifications and psuedo-logic that will be posted to support this stupidity. Oh wait a minute - I think I can stand to wait to see it. After all, reading that rubbish would just be a waste of valuable time spent MUCH more profitably doing things like, oh I don’t know, picking lint out of my navel instead.
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Interesting form of censorship, next step will require all tv stations to smart flag digital tv with a violence/swearing/porn et al; flag for all tv programs. And then onwards, to do a history rewrite like in the modern Japanese style of the 21st Century(China Intervention wars from 1931 to 1945 now much reduced to less than one chapter in some officially issued history books), or as in George Orwell foretold in his book 1984, to eliminate the bad things eg like Darwin’s theory of evolution due to conflicts with the good book or many other examples of assorted masscres, wars and other type of mayhem, that one can think of that occured in the last few centuries. Oh well in the words of a song "the times, they are a changing! "

It’s called the V-Chip :r

I’m for letting the market decide the outcome. Congress made it easier to do, now let consumers decide to buy such templates or any other forms of censoring their movies. This may only be a niche market or it may be a thriving business, only time will tell. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if it would filter out the old WB cartoons, especially when the image of a donkey comes up and the words “Jacka(rse)” are written across it.

hahhhh don’t these people have to deal with real matters like the war on iraq ? passing laws about dvd’s and what not is a total waste of time. just let the kids watch whatever they want, i did and i turned out ok :B

re: " just let the kids watch whatever they want, i did and i turned out ok" heheh… the jury is still out on that! :g

It’s amazing how short sighted the CDFreaks community is. You guys should be praising this form of censorship is it works in your benefit. With content flags (violence, sex, swearing) in the MPEG stream, parent can optionally disable such content and skip those scene. But guess what, it doesn’t affect us unless we enable those flags. This means that Wallmart can sell movies without playing parent for us, why, because they’ll sell the DVD player that supports content flagging. This law frees the consumer up from having to worry about censored and uncensored DVDs as all DVDs will be unsensored and the DVD player will censor it if requested. Although it will take a couple years for this to work properly because of all the DVD players out now, and especially so if the Playstation 2 and Xbox don’t get firmware updates as kids could always play these movies on these systems, often in their bedroom. I’m not pro censorship by any means, but parents have a right to censor, even if it’s a bad idea (as factual data has proven) and doesn’t have any real affect on the child. The truth is people want censorship, and generally people end up getting what they want. So I’d rather have an opt-in censorship than a mandatory one (pre-edited DVDs).
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The problem is this kind of technolody will make too many movies like burger without ham

"But guess what, it doesn’t affect us unless we enable those flags. " Dead wrong. Someone has to pay for the development of the system to insert those flags. Someone has to pay for the development and implementation of the system to READ and skip those flags. You know who does? You and I. And you know who will be all too happy to pass those costs on to consumers? The vendors and the MPAA. My wife and I are the parents of three kids and I described this stupidity to her last night. Her verbatim response: “Who’s the complete idiot who came up with this crap? If you don’t want them to watch the movie, don’t let them!” DUH!
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If I understand this right, it will now be legal to bypass copy protection in the U.S. so you can edit out offensive scenes. Sounds good to me.

I don’t think it will quite turn out like that. It is already legal to make a personal copy for backup, however it is still not legal to bypass copyright protection measures. This law seems to be more based towards devices that filter out content during playback where a copy is not involved. For example the ClearPlay DVD player uses a template to decide which content to skip, however it does not involve using or creating a 2nd disc.

I am not going to read the bill, but I “trust” the Congress to insert couple of words there that go beyond censorship, like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was later used for other purposes. So while people focus on “protecting kids”, some reasonable ownership and rights will also be removed. BOOOOO. If I were the Congress, I would go step futher, and make those censored DVDs display announcements, style 1984 book/movie, either as popups or replacing the removed video, and you get electrical shock if you try to disable them :slight_smile:
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Quote>It’s amazing how short sighted the CDFreaks community is. hit the nail right on the head Rhelic. and Spitfire_x86 whats burger without ham ROFLMAO!!! no meat eh!! :B

There’s already a form of censorship available. It’s called put your wallet away and don’t buy something if you don’t want your kids to see it. I can just imagine the perversion that will go into making ‘templates’ for Schindler’s List and Birth of a Nation.

"There’s already a form of censorship available. It’s called put your wallet away and don’t buy something if you don’t want your kids to see it. " Exactly! That and the ever-popular “Let me lock the stuff that I don’t want them to watch away” and the exquisitely subtle “Don’t watch that movie - you’ll be punished if you disobey me”. God Forbid! we punish any child for breaking a rule and disobeying a parent in this politically correct enlightened age. It will scar the poor little thing for life! It would appear that some of the terminally myopic aparrently have trouble comprehending this set of blatantly obvious lo-tech solutions. Lord help the gene pool.
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Not mentioned above… Also tagged on stiffer jail sentences for movie pirates 3-10years. Lord knows we need to get those type of non violent offenders of the streets. As a side note CDfreaks like us may hack it to be able to create our own “filters” to skip those damn comercials and FBI warnings out. Or better yet Mr Skin can sell filters to only show the good parts ; )